Onion cutting the fast way!

We received 3 bags of onions. And I hate to waste anything. As my grandparents used to say “Waste not Want not”.

So I needed to dice up 3 bags by hand. Um NOT gonna happen. So I began to read on line of easy ways to do it. And all were cut by hand. Pfft.

2014-02-16 11.24.24

open bagged onion

I did see some pictures of machines that do cut them, but most were restaurant ones, needless to say expensive. I did see a photo of my potato cutter. So with alittle more research my quest was complete.

Learning to do things outside the box I’m learning as I age.

Today I have found a new use for our potatoes slicer, It also dices onions.

2014-02-16 11.40.02

Vegetable slicer! A.k.a Potato slicer.

2014-02-16 11.24.15

So I started by removing the outer skins and composting them.


Cuttin off the top and bottom

Slicing off the tops, bottoms

skinning onion

Removing the brown paper like skin

Next cut the top and bottoms off, and remove the paper like brown skin.

Remember to compost those to!

Clean cut onion

Nice and clean Onion

Starting to dice

The start of dicing them onions up

Now don’t they look pretty, too bad they don’t smell pretty!

 Make sure to put them flat side up, not on the rounded side. This makes a difference between dicing and slicing the onion. As usual I learned the hard way on this experiment!

Before cutting the onion, I pulled out my silicone mat for baking.

2014-02-16 11.42.15

Perfectly diced onion

2014-02-16 11.43.07

Wont slide on counter

Turns out its great on the counter for quick mess clean up, and also keeps a grip on the counter, but you don’t want  sharp objects to make contact on it. Plus you can fill it up and roll it, and slide the items right to where you want them. Like on a cookie sheet for freezing! 

So next I have to find room in my freezer for them..Send me luck Ill need it!

full freezer

Our deep freezer

Many thanks for reading this!


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