Just another Friday

Just another Friday

Today happens to be Nation sleep outside. And in Michigan it is 6˚F so I’m thinking um not this time lol. Not going to freeze off my butt, but I could stand to lose a few pounds.

This winter has been abnormally ruff on all of Michigan I believe. I am in cabin fever mode! And I will not stop, even our dogs have it. It has been too cold to take them out for a run. And Jack Russell’s don’t understand that.

So my head wandering about a million miles an hour, on Pinterest, on what I can made to keep my brain busy, so I don’t bug the family. Lol they will appreciate me more if I don’t bug them. Even though the hubby says he hates that site it costs him money. He secretly likes it so I don’t remember about his honey-do-list…LMAO

Yesterday I made shelves for the front room. Specifically above the TV to hold our sound speaker, and some piggy’s!Image

WE have a local Aco selling inventory out.. So of course my CHEAP butt is going there. Found a few items I need to complete some future project’s, wheel’s for bathroom doors, push close for axolotl tank doors, shelf brackets, all 60 % off.. GO frugal grandma.


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