My faith in humanity

On Saturday we decided to go to microcenter in Madison Heights. We have been pricing TV mounts for our bathroom TV. They had the best price for the features I wanted, 15˚ degree tilt with pull out arm.

We then treated ourselves to dinner at bob Evans. MMMmmmm good.

On the way home, in a snow storm on the I75 freeway we hit a pothole! And got a flat. So needless to say changing a tire on the freeway in snow SUCKED!!!! As a couple hundred cars passed us. Two JERKS even honked to get off the road, I flipped them off, they may not have seen it but it made me feel better. 🙂 Got the donut tire on and finally a good Samaritan stopped to help us. Restored our faith in humanity…

Home safe and sound.. Thank god!!

We did get a new tire for 38$ glad we opted for tire replacement plan!!

So my next adventure to hang the TV,~~~ WISH me Luck!!TV mount


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