Month: May 2014

Make your own lid for kitchen aid mixer!

Being a frugal grandma (or cheap skate as my family says lol) I figured a way to create a lid for our mixer.

I hate it when the flour (or any dry goods) poofs up a big dust cloud and dirties the entire counter. GRRRR Welcome to my O.C.D. side!!!

After scouring the internet, for ideas. I came to this simple but useful lid.

Just so happens that our local Meijer’s sells plastic ice cream containers in gallon and 1 quart size. Which turns out fits my kitchen aid mixer bowl perfectly.

Next step is to measure the for the hole size. The circular part where you put your attachments on. Mine is silver.

Next I found a round can about the same size that I needed and traced the circle around it with marker.

Now cut the hole out carefully. As you can see im not that good at cutting… hahaha.

Less mess on My COUNTERS!!!