Make your own hanging easter eggs!


As my children get older, I find a lot of the decorations they have out grown. So this week I am going to show you how to hang old and used plastic Easter Eggs on a tree, shrub or where ever your heart desires!

You’ll need a few supplies and tools.

Plastic Easter eggs.

A drill

Very small drill bit (I used 1/16 size)

Piece of scrap wood (for drilling holes not your Desk top! Lol)

I used Christmas hooks (I buy after the holiday for dirt cheap) but you can use fishing line, twisty bread ties, or whatever you can come up with.

A pencil for bending the wire.



Open the eggs, clean if necessary.


Place one part of the egg on top of the scrap wood, and drill a hole near the center, doesn’t have to be perfect.


Straiten one part of the wire and insert it threw the hole, the other end you will wrap around a pencil ( so it does not slip through the hole).



This is an updated one with 2 holes. Not sure which one I like better but they both work just fine!


As you can see its with and without snow Damn Michigan weather






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