Month: July 2014

Foam spray


foam spray


Have you ever used that foam spray in a can from the hardware store.? I have thrown so many out half full, seems liked such a waste.  It has many uses besides filling the walls for leaks.  This time we used it to reinforce the threshold of the front door.  We put a couple drill holds on the metal base plate,  got pressure release, using a1/4 inch drill bit.  Then just spray a little foam in there.
Now comes the dilemma of cleaning the can and the sprayer up.
Things you will need:
Paper towels
Wooden skewers
A small dish or bowl (not plastic)





2014-07-20 14.22.50

Slowly with a paper towel screw of the  sprayer nozzle . It comes off easy.

 Next separate the long shaft from the nozzle.


2014-07-20 14.23.34

Now soak it in the nail polish solution for a couple minutes.  Now take your wooden skewer and slowly put inside the nozzle. and pick out and foam that is in there. put back in nail polish remover to soak a little more.

2014-07-20 14.24.32

Again scrape out any foam left inside the sprayer nozzle. This may take a couple tries to get it all out. May even take a several minutes of soaking to remove all that sticky foam!

2014-07-20 14.21.35


Now I found a small enough metal rod to put inside the threaded part of the spray can. And slowly as wellas BE CAREFUL!!! not to puncture the can. Only go in as far as the white top nozzle insert with the rod after dipping in acetone, and work out the foam in there.







foam spray nozzel

foam spray nozzel


And for the last part the long shaft. Using you skewer after dipping in acetone. Completely insert it all the way threw several times until all the foam is removed. Pretty simple, and frugal!!