About Me

hogs and kisses

kissing pigs

I love to blog about many different things in my life as well as the family and friends among us.

  • On the Subject of Me

Single mom of 3 boys, 6 Step kids, many grandkids, 2 axolotl’s, and 2 (spoiled) Jack Russell’s, oh yea one significant other to lolJ. We Quit smoking in 2010…Now if I could lose weight id be great! I am alittle ocd as well but if you ask the family they would say alot!!!! LOL.

I’m a stay at home, 40 something and holding mom! Who is completely obsessed with anything pig.

  • About This Site

I have seen so many Used things made New again on the Internet – interiors, art, fashion, furniture, you name it … so I’ve created this blog as a place where to talk about all these lovely things which are New/Used, Junkmarket, or also known as upcycled

I love to take trash and turn it into beauty, and at the same time save it from landfills. Go GREEN!

So please don’t hesitate to contact me if you find something really beautiful that deserves attention.

  • Furthermore

I take an abundance of photographs, I am frugal (or as the kids call it CHEAP), I love to garden and play in the dirt, cooking, D.I.Y. and enjoying life!

Imperfection is human, and sometimes the most creative artists leave mistakes unfixed on purpose. Nature itself is beautifully imperfect.


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